Incredibundles Review & Giveaway!

I cannot believe this time last year I was starting my baby registry. Now I have a crawling, squishy little baby! Since we didn’t choose to switch to cloth diapers until after Liam was born, I had SOOO many diapers of all brands and sizes on my registry. We even had a diaper raffle at my shower to help us stock up on diapers prior to Liam being born. It helped tremendously and we are still, 6 months later, using those diapers while we are on the go or don’t feel like doing cloth laundry for a bit. Diapers are one of the main items I tell expectant moms to stock up on! Who knew they made gift-able subscription boxes centered solely around diapers? It makes total sense and is a genius idea all at the same time!

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