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Are you looking for a baby shower gift OR are you pregnant and want to treat yourself before baby’s arrival? I found the perfect box completely curated just for you or your friends. Oh Baby Boxes just sent me their third trimester box and I am completely in love. With lots of all-natural products for myself and baby I’m super excited to pamper myself until baby’s arrival and then pamper baby when he gets here. Here is an in depth look of all the goodies I got in my Oh Baby Box;

Oh Baby Boxes The Chiro Mama 1

DIY Baby Print Canvas: This is the perfect mini DIY project for a new mama, simply stamp baby’s foot & hand print on the canvas. Boom you’re done and it will be something you’ll cherish forever once baby has grown!

Oh Baby Boxes The Chiro Mama 2

Revive- Jade Facial Roller: I cannot tell you how excited I was to try this jade roller. Jade has cooling properties that help any third trimester mama get through the hot flashes and general uncomfortableness that comes with growing a baby. It’s super easy to use and you can even put it into the fridge for a little extra cooling affect during the hot summer months!

Oh Baby Boxes The Chiro Mama 3

Avry Beauty – Lavender Jelly Spa: This foot soak duo turns your foot soak into jelly! It’s cruelty & paraben-free plus works to fight swelling, ease tension and soothes muscles. Perfect for those third trimester days!


The Farmer’s Touch – All Natural Foot Cream: I LOVE this stuff! My feet are dry and cracking thanks to this pregnancy and Arizona weather. It has worked wonders for my poor feet! It’s all natural, organic and made fresh BY HAND.

Oh Baby Boxes The Chiro Mama 6

Elements of Aliel – Glow Serum: Never got that “pregnancy glow”? Yeah me either! This serum can help with dull uneven skin tones and help us less gifted mamas achieve that all so coveted glow some ladies experience.


Lotus Naturals – Baby Bum Cream: All natural, organic and 100% safe for babies! This diaper cream is an essential for changing times. It went immediately into my diaper bag!

Oh Baby Boxes The Chiro Mama 6Organicare – Unicorn Belly Butter: The smell of this cream alone makes me want to use it all the time! The fact that it can help moisten skin and keep stretch marks at bay is just another reason why I’m in love. Plus who doesn’t love unicorn themed products? I’m currently using it after every shower on my ever growing baby bump.

Oh Baby Boxes The Chiro Mama 9Pediatric Solutions LLC – Dr. Eddie’s Happy Cappy Shampoo & Body Wash: I can’t wait to try this with baby’s bath time. They call this a “non-soap” which means it’s free of all those harsh products that strip baby’s skin of it’s natural moisture.

Oh Baby Boxes The Chiro Mama 10

You can order your first box HERE at Oh Baby Boxes website. Each box has over $100 worth of self-care goodies and boxes start at just $39.99. It’s such a great deal to pamper that mama-to-be before baby’s arrival. Don’t forget to follow them on social media HERE too. They hold monthly giveaways for a free box!

*This box was gifted from Oh Baby Boxes to myself. All opinions and reviews are my own*


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