Formulate For Me + Customized Hair Care Giveaway

Do your friends all have the same hair type as you? Probably not. So why are we all using the same type of hair care…

Sure, we can buy hair products catered to frizzy hair, color treated hair, curly hair etc, etc but what about hair products also catered to the type of environment we live in as well as our daily health habits and so on and so forth? Not possible…think again! Formulate has a new way of thinking when it comes to hair care. Before you even purchase any products you have to take an in-depth survey regarding everything involving your hair! For me living in the desert has taken its toll on my locks. They were dry, frizzy and flat before using Formulate. Thanks to the survey Formulate was able to determine my top hair care needs and cater a shampoo & conditioner to those exact needs. They even let me pick from an assortment of scents and decide how much fragrance you’d like, Mild, medium or the max! I chose the coconut based scent & it’s phenomenal!


I’ve been using my customized shampoo & conditioner for two weeks now. My results speak for themselves. My hair is so much softer and manageable right out of the shower. I used to need products upon products to even comb through my hair due to the damage and dryness. Now styling is easy! As a mom always on the go, I truly appreciate being able to blow dry my hair or even air dry my hair without spending extra hours in the bathroom making sure it’s styled to perfection.


Does Formulate’s customized shampoo & conditioner sound right up your alley? Exciting news! I’ve partnered with them to give one of my lucky readers their very own customized pair of hair care products for free!

Make sure you are following myself @thechiromama and on Instagram then just follow the link below to enter. (Check out my in depth profile as well to see just how detailed your customized shampoo & conditioner can be)


Giveaway ends 5/12/19 & the winner will be announced on my Instagram account shortly after.



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