At Home Whitening System for the Busy Mama + Smile-Brilliant Giveaway

I’ve always taken great pride in my smile. Since having braces as a teen to taking great care of them as an adult my smile is one of my favorite assets. Sadly since Grad school and becoming a mama my bright white smile has faded significantly and when I look in the mirror it isn’t really a favorite I have anymore. Today, I’m so excited to be sharing with you how I got that bright white smile of mine back all while being a Doctor, Mama and wife, all thanks to… Smile Brilliant!

image3How It Works

Let me briefly explain how easy this entire system is. Before I began Smile Brilliant had me answer a few questions regarding my dental history. Once I did that I received the kit in the mail. My first step was to make my dental impressions and send them back in a pre-paid envelope provided in my kit. This whole process took only roughly 30 minutes and their instruction manual walks you through everything step by step. Once Smile Brilliant received my impressions it only took about a week and I had my whitening trays in hand. I ready to begin getting that gorgeous white smile back.

The whitening kit includes whitening gel and a de-sensitizing gel, which I used for each treatment. It is recommended to begin with a 45 minute session and increase from there. Due to my sensitive teeth I only did an hour each session but that was still enough for me to reveal a whiter smile after only a few treatments. If your teeth are less sensitive you can whiten up to 3 hours each session!


My Whitening Experience

I absolutely loved how easy and straightforward Smile Brilliant was. I was able to whiten first thing in the morning while I was getting ready for my day without too much added time to my routine. Some tips I found that helped through my process:

-Wait an hour before eating and drinking after each session.

-Use coconut oil or Vaseline to protect your gums from sensitivity prior to each session.

-Do not brush your teeth with toothpaste prior to whitening.

-It is ok to skip a day or too in between sessions to avoid sensitivity.


As I mentioned before I wasn’t the happiest with my smile prior to using Smile Brilliant. Now I am able to take a picture or look in the mirror without worrying about my coffee and wine stained teeth. My results are pictured below. I am very happy with them and will continue to use Smile brilliant in the future.

Brooke Before-After stacked



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