Traveling With Baby

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Traveling with a baby can be a stressful and difficult task, take it from me, we just survived our first trip with Liam late last month. All things considered, I think it went pretty well. I was sick on the flight home but Liam still did amazing and if I hadn’t been ill, everything would have been smooth sailing. I wanted to share what I have learned from experience and also from some other Mama’s great advice! Traveling with your little one can be easy but takes some planning and prep behind the scenes.
Traveling With Baby 1
Packing your checked bag:
Since Liam is still breastfed, being able to pack my breast pump was a big deal. I don’t always pump at home but due to the nature of our travel having some milk on hand to feed Liam in case I was tied up made life much easier.  Thankfully, Tricare offers breast pumps and supplies for free to new and expecting mothers. 1 Natural Way is the perfect company to use for obtaining your breast pump as well as the supplies you’ll need for as long as you plan to breastfeed. To sign up follow these super simple steps:

  1. Follow this link and fill out the form at the very bottom of the page.
  2. Select the breast pump you’d like. They have top names such as; Medela, Kiinde and Spectra brands.  (I use the Medela Pump In Style)
  3. If you’d like to continue to receive supplies throughout your breastfeeding journey sign up for their “resupply” program. You can receive breastfeeding accessories as well as other postpartum supplies.
  4. Provide them with your prescription from your doctor or input your doctor’s info & they will get one for you.

It’s just that simple they do all the work for you. After that your pump and supplies will be delivered to your door!
I recommend packing your pump and two of each accessory you will need for travel as well as storage bags and easy cleaning options such as the cleaning wipes or microwave steam bags.
Another biggie we packed was his Dock A Tot. My mom thankfully bought all the big-ticket items such as a pack n play and stroller but having something he used everyday at home with us helped him maintain somewhat of a routine.
All the other items in my checked bag were pretty standard for traveling. Clothes, extra diapers, bath supplies, a few extra toys and our staple bedtime routine items.
Flying With Baby
Packing your carry on:
This is where things got serious! Packing my carry-on bag was almost a science due to the massive amount of toys and supplies I needed for the three-hour plane ride and two-hour car trips to and from airports. Here are a few tips I’d recommend doing especially if you have longer flight or layovers during your trip.
Buy new toys specifically for traveling. I really didn’t think this was a big deal but decided to pack 4-6 new toys Liam had never seen before. Throughout the plane ride we brought theses new toys out and thankfully it held his attention longer than his older toys he’d seen before.
Download a few TV shows or baby apps. Shout out to my amazing Dad for this one. I told him a few days before flying that Liam started showing interest in Elmo. My dad found a few Elmo apps for older children but what we did was let Liam watch Elmo talk and dance instead of play the apps game. I can easily say, Elmo saved our butts from a massive meltdown during the landing.
Pre-made diaper bags. Another mom gave me this idea and I loved it. Prior to flying I packed 1 diaper and 4-6 wipes in a large zip lock bag. (Put the wipes in a smaller zip lock bag first then add them to the large bag.)  While in the airport or on the plane I just grabbed one of these pr-made bags instead of digging through the large jam-packed diaper bag for each individual supply.
Traveling With Baby 2
While Traveling:
Baby wear. Do you enjoy carrying your little one in a carrier or ring sling? Wear the crap outta that thing while traveling! I don’t think I took my ring sling off until we were to our final stop. I did have to take Liam out for take off and landing but all I did was loosen the rings slightly and nobody gave me a hard time. Your hands are free to carry all the bags and even a cup of coffee because I can promise you, you’ll need it!
Snacks. If your baby is eating solids recommend packing a few of they favorite snack as well. Liam loves the teething biscuits from Happy Baby. During our flight home those really helped keep his attention for a bit.
Have any additional questions for me regarding traveling with baby? feel free to shoot me an email via my contact page.
I won’t sugar coat it for you, traveling with your tiny human isn’t exactly fun but it’s do-able and with proper prep and planning it can be a breeze!
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