Hospital Bag Necessities For Baby Day

There is so much information out there for moms-to-be. It can often times be overwhelming to sift through and find what works for you. Today, I’ve decided to break down my hospital bag for those expectant mamas. Surprise, surprise, I packed entirely too much! I’d rather be over prepared than under prepared but it still was way too much to think about and keep track of during our stay. Read on the see what my essential items for labor & delivery are.
Here are a few of my favorite items that I packed in my hospital bag and actually used;
Hair ties & bobby pins: If your hair is anything like mine, a hot mess, then you’ll definitely be in need of these. I mean you just pushed a baby out of your lady bits, do you really think your hair is going to be top notch? After 24 hours of labor my hair was a sweaty knotted mess and since it was 10 pm by the time we got to our post-delivery room I was not in the mood for any type of shower. I tied it up, pinned it back and snuggled my sweet bundle of joy.
Chapstick: Another small item you don’t think about until you are five hours into labor and your lips are painfully dry from breathing through all those contractions.
Comfortable and cute robe: I say comfortable and cute because this robe was the only thing keeping me from looking like a completely ridiculous mess. I was so thankful I splurged on one of these because I wore it the ENTIRE time I was in the hospital. There still are days I live in that robe because of the easy breastfeeding access and pure comfort. I bought mine online from PinkBlush.
Extra large bath towel: After hours of pushing all I wanted to do was sleep and shower. Sleep really didn’t happen but when I finally had the chance to shower it was glorious. Wrapping up in an extra large towel from home made it even more amazing. The towels the hospital supplies are small and scratchy; you don’t want to be stuck using those.
Loose fitting going home outfit: Your tired, swollen and still look 6 months pregnant. Do not pack your pre baby clothes. I promise, you won’t be fitting into them for a while. I wore loose yoga pants, an oversized t-shirt and long wrap around cardigan. It was comfy and hid how swollen I was from all the IV fluids.
Your favorite pillow from home: This might sound unnecessary to some but I really needed it. After giving birth all I wanted to do was be in my own bed, having my favorite pillow helped me still feel the comforts of home while being stuck in the hospital for 24 hours.
Extra blankets and a pillow for Dad: I love my husband to death but he can be a baby sometimes. I just finished delivering our actual baby and he was the one begging to sleep on a comfy bed. Men right?! Our hospital room apparently had the most uncomfortable pull out couch possible for him and trust me I still hear about it to this day. Bring a large blanket and pillow for you hubby, maybe it will quiet their complaints at least until you get home.
A few other items I packed; Air-dry hair cream, Essential Oils, BB cream and Mascara.
If you’re interested in learning more about what essential oils I used during delivery and why, feel free to contact me.
I added a picture of my ridiculously exhausted face and cute one day old baby prepping to leave the hospital for your viewing pleasure.

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