What We Are Loving – January 2018

As I keep gaining momentum with my blog I decided to start doing a monthly recap of  products our family is currently using and loving. I get a decent amount of questions regarding baby products and I know as a new momma I have relied heavily on other mom’s reviews. As Moms we don’t have time for BS, we need results and quick! I know not all of my readers are mothers so I decided I’d add a few household, beauty or personal products in as well depending on the month. At the beginning of each month I will pick our favorite products that we have been using the previous month. Lets get started!
Baby Products:
Cloth Diapers: When my son finally fit into size 1 diapers we began to introduce cloth to him. My husband and I wanted to save money by using cloth and saving the planet was just an added bonus. We have tried a few different brands and are still finding what suits our family best. Right now I love all the cute patterns that Alva Babyand Mama Koala have. Plus you can buy them with two-day shipping on Amazon and I am 100% an amazon prime mom!
Bamboo Cloth Diaper Inserts: So my child pees A LOT at night! These Bamboo inserts help absorb and hold all that pee. I usually do two inserts, microfiber on top and bamboo on bottom. Since adding the bamboo inserts to our routine, I have seen a huge increase in the length of time we can go between diaper changes. Especially at night which is amazing because who doesn’t love sleep.
Frida Baby Windi: I haven’t found a product from this company I don’t like! If you couldn’t tell from my Colic baby post, my son has extreme gas issues. I bought the Windi during a crazy intense evening of screaming and I couldn’t be happier! I’m pretty sure this little thing saves lives. It’s pretty much like a little straw for your baby’s bum. A little strange yes, but once you get past that concept, your life will forever be changed.
Fisher Price Sit Me Up Floor Seat: It’s super fun to sit him in this Frog chair and watch him play with all his toys. I’m beyond happy that he finally will sit in something content for longer than 5 minutes. We also use a Bumbo at times too. Happy Mommy, Happy Baby right?
Manhattan Toy Company: I absolutely LOVE every single toy this company has. Once we realized Liam was becoming more interested in his toys we purchased two of their baby toys. The Monkey Rattle and the Winkel Rattle. They have small loops that he can grasp  which is perfect for him right now. I also have their Baby Beads and Click Clack Ball in my shopping cart on amazon as we speak. I really love this company! All of their toys are fun and help babies with key developmental milestones.

Mommy Products: 
BB Cream: My make-up routine consists of roughly three products these days and takes about five minutes flat. I don’t think I leave the house without putting a dab of either Anti-Redness BB Cream or Anti-Fatiuge BB cream on my face. It really does wonders for my blotchy, tired skin! I have super pale skin and finding a color to match is a nightmare so these work well because they transform to a color that works with your skin tone.
Mascara: I have naturally light eyebrows and eyelashes so adding a hint of mascara always helps to make me look more awake. The Total Temptations by Maybelline is my favorite mascara right now and it’s totally affordable.
Lactation Smoothie: The last few weeks have been stressful and busy to say the least. I’ve noticed a slight decrease in my milk supply and wanted an easy way to supplement some of the calories I wasn’t able to eat during my busy days. Thanks to another mother on Instagram I found Sweetie Pie Lactation Smoothies. It has flaxseed and fenugreek which are recommended for breastfeeding moms. I order the apple pear flavor and drink it during our early afternoon walks. I have definitely noticed an increase in my supply during the afternoons and evenings.
I hope you enjoy my favorite products for January 2018. If you want to try any of them out just follow the link in this post to each individual product and purchase from there. Easy Peasy!
I look forward to sharing our February products with you next month!

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  1. Megan Joy

    February 15, 2018 at 9:27 pm

    So many great suggestions here! I remember when my daughter was this age and feeling so lost with all the options. We love all the Frida products too, especially the nose frida 🙂

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