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After sharing my birth story HERE, I had many women begin reaching out to me sharing bits and pieces of their birth stories with me. I just love how opening up about my most vulnerable state caused so many other women to feel empowered and able to share as well. Then I had a thought, why don’t I provide a place for women to share their wonderful and miraculous birth stories. I wanted to open my blog up for other women to feel just as brave and inspired as I did when I wrote my own story.
Like I said in my own birth story, it is important that each and every mother has a safe place where they can process their story, whatever it may entail. I’m so happy to provide that safe place for the strong, beautiful and amazing mamas I know.
I connected with Kaytie while we were both in the early stages of our pregnancy, in following her and talking with her I’ve grown to truly appreciate what an amazing person and mother she is. I just love her energy and positivity through everything. I asked her to be my very first guest blogger and to share her birth story with you. Grab your tissues.
Here is how Baby Leland arrived as told by his amazing Momma:
I love reading birth stories and every time I read someone’s birth story it really makes me want to share mine. Thank you Brooke for letting me share on your blog!
I had a doctors appointment at 39 weeks 6 days. Before heading to the appointment I had a neighbor check my blood pressure because the Doctor had told me if my blood pressure was high at this appointment they would induce me. My neighbor checked it twice before we headed out to my appointment and both times it was on the higher end. I drank a lot of water and tried to relax because I really did not want to be induced. We decided to bring our hospital bags with us though just in case.
The first thing they did when I got to my appointment was take my blood pressure. It was high. They took it a second time and it was still high. When the Doctor walked in she said “Are you ready to have this baby?” She explained the induction process to me before checking to see if I was effaced or dilated. I had been having contractions and had lost my mucus plug so I was hopeful that there was something going on down there. Unfortunately, when she checked me, I was hard and thick. That’s what OB’s like to call an unfavorable cervix. It also meant there was a little bit of a higher chance of a c-section.
They walked my husband Nathan, and I over to the hospital. The nurse asked how I was. I couldn’t help it, I started to cry. I think everything hit me at once and when we were leaving the house everything was going so quickly because my husband had got home from work late that I didn’t have a chance to give my dogs hugs and kisses. Some people might think that’s ridiculous but they’re my babies too!
Once we got into our room they had me change into my gown. After I changed a bunch of different people were in and out. Phlebotomist to take my blood and place my IV, which of course, I had to get stuck twice for. Then the anesthesiologist to explain the epidural. I wanted to have my baby with as little medical intervention as possible. Obviously being induced was not part of the plan but it was necessary since my blood pressure was high and that wasn’t safe for myself or my baby. I went ahead and signed the papers for the epidural so that if I did decide I wanted it I wouldn’t have to worry about signing any paperwork. Next the Doctor came in at 3pm and placed the cervidil to help soften my cervix. The cervidil would stay in for 12 hours and then after that they would let me shower and then start pitocin. I also was not allowed to eat after midnight. I was having very mild contractions with the cervidil.
I was soft and 1cm dilated when they started the pitcoin at 5am. About 10 minutes after they started the pitocin I could start to feel the contractions. I really wanted to be able to move around during labor because that’s how I handle pain. I had been researching and getting myself ready for this my whole pregnancy. I bounced on my birthing ball which helped me get through these contractions.
At 8:30am the Doctor came back in and checked me. I was STILL 1cm dilated. She went ahead and broke my water in hopes to get things going. She told me to stay in the bed until a nurse came in the room. There’s so much about labor and delivery that nobody talks about and my water breaking was completely different from I expected. After the Doctor broke it, it felt like it kept breaking every 5 minutes for at least the next hour. About 15 minutes after she broke my water I could really start to feel like the contractions. I needed to get out of the bed and move around. I waited about 45 minutes for the nurse to come in but she never did so I just got up and tried to bounce on the ball again. This time the ball wasn’t really helping me so instead I started to walk in circles around the room and sway back and forth.
I labored like that until noon. By noon I hit the point where I needed some relief from the pain but before I decided to get some pain meds I wanted them to check me. I told Nathan if I was a 5, or further, I wouldn’t get any meds. They checked me and I was a 2! I couldn’t believe it and honestly neither could the nurse. The anesthesiologist was in an emergency and wouldn’t be able to get to me for at least another hour so they offered me some IV pain meds in the mean time. Those pain meds made me extremely sleepy and loopy but they did dull the pain a little. They also gave me the shakes extrememly bad. My whole entire body was shaking and there was nothing I could do to stop it.
After 1pm the anesthesiologist gave me my epidural and I ended up sleeping for about 2 hours. After 2 hours I woke up because I was having mild cramping. I expected that but what I wasn’t expecting was for them to come in and check me and tell me I was only 3cm! I remember just praying to God that I would start dilating faster. I knew I was on a time crunch too since they had broken my water. After breaking my water they would only allow me to go 24 hours before baby had to come out.
They ended up hanging another bag of pitocin in hopes that would start dilating me faster. By this time my epidural had worn off. I couldn’t feel my right leg but everywhere else I could feel everything. I wasn’t allowed to get out of bed anymore. I was trying so hard to breathe through the contractions but I just couldn’t becaue they were so strong and close together.
The doctor that ended up delivering me came in at about 7pm. He told us then that we might need to start thinking about other ways to deliver our baby. I told him I didn’t want a c-section and to give me more time. He checked me and I was a 5. He said he would come back every hour to check to see how I was doing. At about 8:30pm our baby’s heartrate started to drop. When that happened they had a nurse come in and stay with me. They put me on oxygen and had me flipping from side to side, which was not easy.
At 9pm the doctor came back in and checked me again. I was still at a 5. He said if I was his daughter he wouldn’t let me continue to labor. I asked him to please give me another hour. By 9:45pm our baby’s heartrate had dropped too low and with as much pain as I was in they took me back for an emergency c-section. I was scared. They took me back there by myself to get me prepped. They had told us that if the medicine didn’t work to numb me that they would have to put me under and in that case Nathan would not be able to be back there for our son’s birth. All I could think about was my husband missing our first child being born and my son being by himself.
Thankfully the medicine worked! It made me so numb it almost hurt, which made me throw up. They gave me medicine for nausea and for the shaking since I was still shaking uncontrollably. They brought Nathan back and as soon as I saw him I apparently felt the need to let him know I threw up haha The Doctor said we’re starting and the next thing I heard was the doctor say “He’s here!” and then say “Oh yeah he was not coming out the other way!” Leland ended up getting stuck because his head was too big to get down the birth canal. The Doctor showed us Leland over the curtain. I looked at Nathan and said “We have a baby!” We both got emotional in that moment. Our beautiful baby was finally here! With all the meds they had me on that was the most alert I had been.
I had not planned to labor the way I did or deliver by c-section but I wouldn’t change it. No matter how your baby is born, it’s a beautiful experience that no one can take away from you. I’m proud of my birth story and would do it all over again.
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Leland John Ellis
8lbs 20.5 inches

Thank you SOO much for sharing with us Kaytie! How amazing is this Mama? I am so proud to call her a friend. I would love to continue this for wonderful Mamas just like her. If you would like to share your birth story please do not hesitate to contact me and I’d love to talk with you about a guest post. Every women’s story matters whether long or short, easy or difficult, crazy or calm. We should support one another in this journey of motherhood.

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