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Earlier this week I asked my followers on Instagram and Facebook to message me something about themselves as well as a question they’d like to ask me. It was so awesome to learn more about my followers and to see what they were interested in. Below, I’ve put together a list of your questions and my responses. Some of these questions have evoked much more thought so I’ve decided to expand a few of these into longer more detailed posts soon. For now here are my short and sweet responses. Enjoy!
You look really young to have a Masters and Doctorate degree! How old are you?
I’m 26; I turn 27 September 10th of this year. I graduated high school a bit younger at 17 because my birthday is right at the cutoff in Illinois. Then I went straight through college and graduate school without any breaks. I was 24 when I finished all of my formal education.
Why did you start your blog?
With chiropractic I was always helping people feel better and live their best lives. I realized that as a stay-at-home mom I can still help people but in a different way. I started my blog as a way to help other people by sharing my experiences and my insight on different topics. I’ve always loved writing, I was actually a journalism major my freshman year of undergrad. Blogging was a way to combine both of my passions, helping people and writing!
Do you still practice Chiropractic?
I do not practice at the moment. I quit my job when I was roughly five months pregnant and have focused all of my time and energy into staying home with my son. Some days I really miss my profession and helping people but I just tell myself that no one can take my degrees and education away. I can and will go back when it is time. For now, I am going to cherish the extra time I have with my son while he’s young.
As a military spouse how do you handle basic/deployments?
My husband and I have been together through one deployment and a few short TDYs (temporary duty assignment). My best piece of advice for handling the separation is STAY BUSY! I did not yet have my son during the last deployment so I threw myself into my job. I also had some really great friends who would help me through my worst days. It’s a tough situation to be in because you want to be strong for your significant other but you also feel like a part of you is missing and that hurts really bad. I remember driving home after dropping him off at the airport for his deployment; I wouldn’t wish that feeling on my worst enemy. I will add that I still get emotional thinking about his homecoming day. It is one of the best feelings seeing the love of your life in actual flesh after being apart for so long. Most people don’t ever get to experience the high emotions that brings and I cherish that. I remember thinking how darn handsome he was since all I’d seen for six months was a grainy computer screen image!
What is your favorite and least favorite part of motherhood so far?
My favorite part of motherhood right would have to be when my son sees my face or hears my voice and starts smiling. In the morning, when he wakes up, I always say “Good Morning my love!” It immediately brings a smile to his face and my heart just melts.
My least favorite part is all of the complications I’m dealing with post delivery. Postpartum recovery is no joke and I feel like nobody ever talks about it enough. I’m still gathering the courage to write about what I’m going through since they are so personal and have been causing me so much pain physically and emotionally. But soon very soon!
How was your pregnancy?
For the most part my pregnancy was uneventful. I had some unexplained bleeding the first few weeks, which caused me to have immense anxiety. My doctor pretty much said it could be implantation bleeding or it could be a miscarriage we will just have to wait and see. (FYI We switched doctors after that.) Those first 6 weeks until my official “new OB” appointment were miserable! I would get my blood drawn to check my HCG levels every week and would live for hearing those results. My husband even took me to San Diego for a long weekend to try and get my mind off of it! Other than that I just had some pretty intense morning sickness my first trimester that caused me to lose weight instead of gain. Once the second trimester hit though, it was smooth sailing other than the normal pregnancy symptoms. (heartburn, constipation, nauseous, insomnia, etc.) You know, all the fun stuff that comes with growing a little life inside of you.
How did you choose your son’s name?
Well, for the first half of my pregnancy I was almost certain it was a girl and had about five girl names picked out, zero boy names. Silly me right? When we found out it was a boy I immediately knew I wanted his middle name to be Joseph. That is my Dad and brother’s middle name, which stems from my Grandmother’s family. I love old school names like William and Theodore but they just didn’t blend well with the middle name and our last name. The day we were driving home from our anatomy ultrasound I asked my husband if he liked Liam. He did! It was the first name we both agreed on and it stuck.
My son is three years old and complains about his back. Is it safe to get him adjusted regularly? What can I do to get the pain and discomfort to stop on someone so young?
YES! Adjusting little ones is so important and 100% safe. I’ve been adjusting my son since he was only one day old and plan to continue adjusting him regularly! Pediatric adjustments are gentle and completely safe. All licensed chiropractors are taught to adjust children but there are a select few that go through even more training in pediatric adjustments. You can find those doctors via this link here. Along with regular chiropractic adjustments you can massage the little muscles in his back at home and use essential oils for the pain. The chiropractor you choose to see may give you some exercises or stretches you could do with him as well. I will do a more in depth post regarding adjusting littles soon because I just LOVE this topic.
How have you adapted to military life?
To be honest, I don’t think I’ve completely adapted yet. It’s a difficult path to take for anyone. My husband works long hours and the thought of being separated for any amount of time scares me. I have noticed that because of that thought, I cherish the time we have together much more. It might sound weird but I ALWAYS want to be around my husband. Mostly because he’s just so awesome but also because I know at anytime he could be called away from me and the memories that we do have, I’ll cling to until I get to see him again. I will definitely be writing more about my marriage and military life soon!
A huge thank you to everyone that participated! I really enjoyed talking with each of you and getting to know everyone a bit more.

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    January 31, 2018 at 4:36 pm

    Love this blog post ! That was a really neat idea to have your followers say something about themselves so you could learn more about them also. I enjoyed your post and learning more about you ! That’s awesome that your doing something you love and getting to spend time with your little one !

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