My Postpartum Stretch Mark Routine

Stretch marks are something that most people know comes with having a baby. I was stretch mark free my entire pregnancy so naturally, after giving birth I thought I was out of the woods. That was not the case, within a few days of delivery some pretty gnarly looking stretch marks started to show up on my sides, buttock and thighs. My pregnancy routine just consisted of lathering myself with Burt’s Bees belly butter but now that I was covered in crazy stripes I wanted to get a bit more serious. The following products are what I have decided to use through research and talking to other Mothers regarding their stretch mark routines. I use these three products religiously and I hope in a few months I’ll be able to write an updated post with my before and after pictures to confirm that they do in fact help reduce the appearance of stretch marks.
Palmer’s massage lotion for stretch marks: I wanted to find a lotion that was easy to use and affordable. I’ve been putting this on about three times a day; when I wake up, after my shower and before bed. It’s filled with all the good nutrients for our skin such as shea butter, collagen and elastin.
Bio-Oil:this pick was a “tried and true” product from other Moms I spoke to. I have heard great things about it and even though it is a bit pricey for my budget a little will go a long way so it should last awhile. This I try to put on in the mornings and after my shower just over the stretch mark areas. I’ve been using this since about two days after delivery. One mother claimed to see results after about five months of use so we shall see. FYI I got my large bottle from Walgreens for about $25 but Amazon looks to be much cheaper.
Essential Oils Blend: I have used a blend of essential oils for scars that worked very well in the past so I figured there must be a blend that works for stretch marks too. Sure enough there is! In a large roller ball dispenser I combined equal parts of frankincense, helichrysum, lavender and myrrh. Then I topped it off with 10 drops of fractionated coconut oil. I used doTERRA essential oils because that’s what I have on hand but any pure natural oils will work. The reason you want them in their purest form is because when companies put fillers, additives and synthetic products in their oils it decreases the quality and likelihood of them working.
If you have anything else you’re currently using or have used in the past that works please feel free to comment below or send me an email on my contact page. I’m planning on doing an update at six months postpartum and would love to add your suggestions in.

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