Deployment Care Package Ideas

Deployments can be tough! I have crazy admiration for the families that are stateside going through deployments because I know just how exhausting they can be on a relationship. The best advice I was given was to stay busy. Other than working full time, I found little ways to occupy my time such as making monthly care packages for him. Read more to see some awesome ideas that will surely brighten your significant other’s deployment!
At the beginning of each month I’d ship one off and dive head first into my next month’s idea. I’d spend my free time decorating and buying things to put inside, I even learned how to bake his favorite treats in mason jars to stay safe for the long journey over seas. My husband’s deployment coincided with the holiday season so ideas we pretty easy to come by for me.
Below I’ve shared each months package along with some extra ideas I didn’t get around to using yet. Even if you are not a MILSO creating a beautifully designed care package for a friend or relative across the country could be a great gift from the heart. Enjoy!
Day at the Beach: Deployments a BEACH and I SHORE miss you.
July Care Package
4th of July: Red White & Blue EVERYTHING!
Super Hero: Your sidekicks miss you!
August Care Package
Just Add Water: Decorate the box like a pool, fill it with everything you can think of that just needs water. For example; load them up with their favorite drink mix. My husband always liked the blue powdered gatorade.
Happy Birthday: This one was a stretch because it wasn’t actually his birthday, it was MINE! I sent him and his buddies everything they could possibly need to celebrate my birthday including funfetti cake baked in mason jars. I do not recommend sending confetti poppers, this was my only box stuck in customs for a bit due to some “suspicious items”…whoops!
Coffee: “I miss you a LATTE”
Fall/Leaves: “I’ve FALLEN for you.” Fill the top of the box with fake leaves and send them all their favorite fall items.
October Care Package
Underwater: “I O’Fishally Miss You” “Out of all the fish in the sea, I’m so glad that you hooked me.”
Halloween: Go crazy with this one! I was so busy the month of October I just threw one together from things I found at the craft store. Halloween is my favorite holiday and looking back, I really wish I’d gone all out.
October Care Package
Thanksgiving: List all the reasons you are thankful for your significant other. Decorate the box like a turkey with different colored construction paper or find a cute thanksgiving themed paper at the craft store.
Box of Sunshine: Send all things YELLOW and decorate the box like a sun or just cover it in yellow construction paper.
Christmas: I found this “fake snow” at Target one day and had the bright idea to pour it into his care package. For anyone who hasn’t seen what I’m talking about, it is little tiny white beads that kind of look like snow if you use your imagination. To this day, he still claims he cleaned up the fake snow for hours after he opened the box. Not my best idea…BUT the box was super cute!
Making these care packages was my favorite thing to do during deployment besides Skype with my hunky husband! Receiving the care packages would always brighten his day and make the distance between us just a bit more bearable.
A few extra tips: I wrapped EVERYTHING remotely fragile in bubble wrap, even things you wouldn’t think twice about wrapping if being shipped here in the states. Also, any containers with liquids or creams, (his favorite buffalo wild wings sauces mostly) I would put in ziplock bags in case they leaked.  I kid you not, the people transporting these boxes through customs could care less whats in them. Even with me having the USPS mark them as fragile they would still arrive to my husband looking like a herd of elephants trampled on it. I took every precaution to ensure my hubby’s goodies would arrive still somewhat usable. I added a picture below of one of his “fragile” boxes after it survived customs for your enjoyment.
I found pretty much everything I needed to decorate his boxes at Hobby Lobby. Another thing I did was call USPS and request a military kit for families. They sent me a bunch of boxes, tape and customs forms. This made my time spent at the actual post office short and sweet.
Did you make some awesome care packages you’d be willing to share? I always love seeing other MILSO’s creations. Add them to the comments below or email me via my contact page.
Featured Image: Photos By Dria


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